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In this experimental collection of short stories, Mixon writes about black mothers in their various stages of becoming. She examines the before, during, and after—the meaty, messy and miraculous in-betweens, and gives them endings that willingly relinquish last breaths while continuing to pulse in the mind of the reader. She is unapologetic in her assertion that black women are everything—beautiful and mysterious, magical and musical. For, in her creation, they are sometimes grand and then again diminutive or vocal or reserved, taking the form of storms and lightning, soothsayers and apparitions. Through magical and melodic verse, she offers alternative narratives, origin stories that directly traverse the things “they say about us—where we come from, and how we navigate the world.” She looks beyond the science, the ideas, tropes, and stereotypes into the spiritual inheritance of women whose mere existence is a mystery. Buy Now!

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6. Two-Thousand OneYour Mother Was A Panther: Stories in Verse
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